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Couch Rebels; Because Stories Like These Aren't Told by Potatoes

Couch Rebels was released as a Kindle eBook for only $9.99 on August 14th, 2013!

(Don’t own a Kindle? No problem. Click Here.)

It contains 86 of the most inspiring true stories, and the book sales will provide clean water to African communities (see below).

What’s the book all about?

Couch rebels are people who have been outside their comfort zones (whether voluntary or involuntary) and have allowed those experiences to change their lives. While the rest of society is imitating potatoes, couch rebels are learning, growing, and experiencing the incredible things life has to offer.

These moments of adventure provide us with our best stories. Nobody’s going to tell their kids about how they beat their favorite video game. But for the rest of their lives they’ll talk about the time they backpacked through India or when they fed a homeless person.

… And the book sales will directly provide clean water to those who need it most

Blood:WaterMission - Clean Water for AfricansFact: 320 million Africans are without access to clean water.

Without clean water…

  • Many individuals spend 20 hours per week hauling water
  • Water-related diseases take the lives of 2,000 children daily
  • Communities are stuck in poverty
  • and poverty spreads HIV/AIDS and other diseases quickly

This is why CausePub has teamed up with Blood:Water Mission.

For every book sold, Blood:Water Mission, will be able to provide three people with clean water for one year.

The goal of this Cause is to sell 15,000 copies, which will allow them to impact 45,000 lives! Sign up to buy the book and be part of this life-changing cause!


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